Concrete Sleepers

An extremely successful day of inserting and clipping up concrete sleepers. We’re yet to do the actual count, but it’s around the 80 sleepers mark, with everything from Curve 10 to Sawmill Rd now complete.

It’s a very well practised artform now, the clipping up of the concrete.

And the little blue mark is just to indicate which sleepers have been replaced for tamping purposes.

Today’s sizable gang was able to out perform the rate at which the digger could insert. Spending most of the day close behind the action.

We did so well infact, we had to send the big digger off to collect more sleepers, as we just ran out of time on Tuesday to get the final 30 or so out.

In that whole length, we only had 6 joints which when we plated them up, prevented the failed sleepers from being replaced using concrete, so 3 of these were remedied with shorter or bar fishplates.

And despite severe weather predictions, it was only just starting to rain at knock off time.

Tomorrow’s gang has a grand total of 4 sleepers and 3 sets of fishplates to change before we can deem this part of the job over! However there’s still some jewellery to collect, lots of tamping to do and quite a bit of mess to tidy up, so we’ll be busy!

Meeting near the diggers by Sawmill Rd Bridge from 8.30am, apologies in advance if the day starts a little late, however a truck of point timbers needs unloading at Maldon prior to heading out on site, however this shouldn’t take too long.

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