Amazing what a few extra hands can achieve, today saw us more or less complete the turnout.

All the fiddly little bits and pieces were fastened down and tidied up.

By day’s end it was looking a treat, with all 4 legs including the crossing and checkrails fastened down.

It’s hard horrible work in the heat, but at least working here we’ve got a few sheds to escape to when it gets too much.

We’ll be back here on Tuesday from 8.30am, when we’ll begin track laying in the east side of the loco shed.


A rather hot and horrible day today, but still an impressive amount of progress, given our small gang of 3.

We’ve fastened down both straight legs, the crossing still needs fastening down but it’s in the right position at least.

We even managed to muster enough energy to align the curve, fastening it about every 3rd timber to the offsets provided on the diagram. Unfortunately last time we built a turnout like this (VYS or curved blade turnout) we didn’t have a true diagram so we had to estimate, however a kind reader managed to dig up few different plans for us and it has made the job much easier.

With a bit of luck if tomorrow’s gang is a bit larger than today’s, we should just about see all the fastening down done, and we might even get onto the track beyond.

Meeting from 8.15am at Castlemaine tomorrow.

New Turnout

Well after much head scratching, we went back to first principles with the turntable and discovered both the lock blocks were off centre, partially due to wear and movement and partly due to being installed slightly that way initially. So once that was rectified, believe it or not we got everything to line up nicely!

So with that done we ploughed ahead with the turnout construction, of which we’ve now basically got one leg fastened down.

While we were busy with that, Rolf surveyed the track into the shed and pegged it all out ready for track building next week.

It’s all starting to come together now, with the hard work, all the setup, now complete. Thursday should see most of the construction work completed, at least along the straight legs.

Meeting at Castlemaine on Thursday from 8.15am

Turnout works

A slightly delayed update from Friday’s works.

Further works dropping out turnout materials and aligning everything to the turntable used up the day comfortably.

Lots of final tweaking of abutment timbers, timber spacings and alignment was undertaken, before placing the rails.

Thankfully the turnout we’re using was a complete turnout we disassembled from Dynon some years ago, so it was just a case of rebuild the jigsaw to get the bits in the right places.

Very roughly dropped out turnout bits, doesn’t quite look right yet, but it’s certainly giving the idea of what’s about to happen.

By day’s end it was all starting to take shape. We’ve still got a bit to go in getting the table aligned perfectly, unfortunately the table isn’t quite as dead straight as it was when built many years ago, so lots of trial and error comes into play ensuring everything is lined up perfectly when the table’s turned either way. But we’ll get there.

Next week will be more work here, hopefully seeing the straight legs of the turnout fastened down. Tuesday, meeting at Castlemaine from 8.30am.