Rail Recovery

Unfortunately they’re a bit blurry, but these pics do show the first two rails to make it to all the way to Maldon Junction (well as far as the rails allow anyway).

It’s been a massive couple of days, first preparing Moscript Street then towing everything stored between it and Stephen Street over today.

Given Moscript Street is a far bigger gap, we’re using a slightly different approach where we place a clamp on the rail that allows us to project the rail much further in front of the digger – it worked very well but did slow us down a bit.

Next week we’ll tow today’s rails up to the junction, then repeat the process as we move the next lot through from Stephen Street. It won’t be long before we start to load the rails onto trains for relocation to their final homes.

Rail Recovery

Well we’ve made excellent progress today, with all the available track (as in where no rails are stacked in between) sledded up towards Fryers Rd – .

We’ve got less than 400m to go to Fryers Rd now, but it’ll be a little while before we complete that, as a big rail shuffle up ahead is required.

Tomorrow we’ll get Moscript Street ready for dragging across on Thursday. Meeting at Moscript Street from around 8.30am tomorrow and 8.15am on Thursday.

Lineside Mowing

It was a successful day, with the flail mower getting a good work out in the long grass between Brown Street and Maclise St. crossings in Castlemaine.

There is always more to do, but this has certainly got control of the worst of it.

Meanwhile back near Donkey Gully Rd, loose rails from last week were towed down to Fryers Rd and a good start has been made on Jewellery collection.

Finish off this jewellery collection will be job number one tomorrow, before we get onto more sledding towards Fryers Rd. Meeting near Donkey Gully Rd from 8.15am.

Rail Recovery

This week has seen a lot of rail moved, we’ve certainly topped the half way mark now.

Given we’ve managed to do an enormous amount of towing, we mixed things up a bit with some sledding, making for even more towing, but that’s how it goes.

We managed to sled from Donkey Gully Rd towards Castlemaine about 600m before the rain set in this after noon.

Next week will be a little different, as we’ll be splitting our time between this job and lineside grass cutting. Monday will be a mowing day, with Tuesday hopefully a jewellery collection day.