Finishing off

Another very successful day. Even with our much smaller crew today, we managed to comfortably install a further 3 lengths of 80lb (takes us to 22 installed this week) as well as break up some 60lb and tidy up the completed section.

Lunch time saw an end to all the drilling and spiking as well as having the new railed joined up to the old.

All the jewellery was collected and sorted into the appropriate drums ready for reuse / storage / disposal etc…

After a quick tamp through the whole length and lifting out a big dip through one of the muddier sections, this bit of track is looking very smart.

Next Thursday we’ll be back here finishing off what we didn’t get to this week. We’ve only got 12 rails to go so we should comfortably knock it over in a day.


The UP leg of tangent 20-21 was our victim today, with 19 lengths of 80lb rail installed.

Clive and Mal hard at work de-dogging. As it’s been a while since our last re-railing, the power pack used to drive the spike puller proved temperamental to start, resulting in quite a bit of lost time.

The other snag today was our petrol rattle gun for removing screws wouldn’t play the game, we have others but they require more manual handling, hence only achieving 19 rails instead of our usual 27 or 30.

By morning tea we were starting to make headway, with 60lb coming out and 80 going in.

Norm and Mal carefully installing and aligning sleeper plates.

The end take 1. This was a logical spot to call it quits initially, however on closer inspection we decided to go a further 3 80lb rails as it just worked out much tidier and simpler. (there was already some short sections of 80lb in here making for an awkward join up.

The short bits of 80lb were installed some years ago to allow for insulated joints when it looked like the crossing would get flashing lights.

After the usual run through of every third sleeper, the gang followed up with the drilling and starting of the dog spikes on the intermediate sleepers.

Often we do a tamping run before this, however the way things worked out today it was quicker to just bar up the sleepers that needed lifting.

We’ll be back out to finish the job tomorrow, lots of spiking still to do to complete today’s work. All going well we will hopefully even get a few more rails replaced too, even just another 3 will make a big difference next time we’re back here.

Curve 11

A final tamp and bit of ballast moving in this morning’s rain sees this section of curve 11 finished.

We’ve still not quite half way through the curve, however if we can keep up the same pace as Yesterday, two full days should just about see it out.

Next week will be re-railing tangent 20-21, as our supply of steel biscuits for the concrete sleepers has temporarily dried up owing to a worn out cut off saw.

Curve 11

After today’s effort on top of Tuesday’s works, we now have 92 concrete sleepers installed in curve 11. We’re yet to do the final tamp and ballast scrape.

The day started out very cool, gloomy and had a wintery feel, which seemed to only get more gloomy and cold as the day went on.

We started by lifting the section that had the screws removed on Tuesday, using our special shover feeler gauge. A big improvement over the blocks, we’ve decided.

With the scarifier cleaning trenches and the digger catching it with the insertions.

The digger working it’s magic. This job would be almost impossible without this machine.

By morning tea we’d inserted around 30 concretes, with the remaining going in soon after lunch.

Although it was a fairly cold day, it was perfect for trackwork. As the movement to drop out all the required jewellery keeps you nicely warm.

Following the clipping up, now a very well oiled routine, the ballast was spread ready for tamping tomorrow morning.

Another stunning effort by the gang.

We’ll be leaving Maldon at 8am tomorrow, to tamp this section, however the weather is not looking promising so we may end up calling it a day once that’s done.

Curve 11

Another eventful day, with concrete sleepers.

It started off as a sleeper train, with 176 sleepers dropped off at curve 11, we had all this including the marking up of the 1 in 3 to be replaced well finished by morning tea.

Around 60 sleepers were unscrewed, had anchors removed etc… ready for the concrete to go in.

32 were inserted and tamped up ready for tomorrow’s trains at a very reduced speed (8 km/h).

We’ve distributed about half of the concrete sleepers on site, the rest will occur Thursday or maybe Friday morning.

Although Thursday is potentially wet we’ve taken a gamble and plowed on, as if worst comes to worst we won’t really have a lot of work to do keep trains running over the weekend.

Rain / hale or shine meeting at Maldon 8am on Thursday.


It was a Muckleford day today. With some wagons unloaded and others loaded with more concrete sleepers.

Lots of tidying up jobs, all the things we’ve been going to get back.

Even a nice bonfire to clean up a termite infested pile of timber!

Tomorrow will be another sleeper train, running more concrete out to curve 11, you’re welcome to join us, departing Maldon around 8.30am.


First off we tied up the 5 sleepers removed yesterday, before deciding to also replaced a further 2. A nice simple job that now leaves our ‘needs attention very soon’ list very very short indeed, a nice feeling.

So the afternoon’s attentions were turned to breaking up the old 60lb rail into drag-able lengths for stockpiling. This kept our small gang and prison helpers nicely busy.

We only focused on Curves 18 & 19 as these were where the 60lb was closest to the track and doing a great job of blocking the side drains. We’ve stockpiled it in various logical locations for future breaking up.

Next week is looking potentially wet, however we’ll believe that when we see it. Early next week will see more concrete sleepers distributed and if all goes to plan we’ll make a start on putting those into Curve 11. The re-railing likely to now occur the week after.