Rail Recovery

Another lot of rails (approx 50) were transferred over Moscript St. today. It all went very well, finishing before the arrival of the rain.

We also sent Bruce out to whipper snip around Wintersflat Bridge, which now looks much more presentable.

A keen eye might note in the lower right hand corner of the second pic a sizable drain.

It’s not very obvious but the drain now has a couple of interesting tyre marks….

After being pleasantly pleased with his grass trimming work and obviously admiring it a little too much, Bruce managed to gently place his trusty ute nose first into this drain.

Thankfully no damage or injury but well stuck! The trusty crew at Parsons Towing right next door saw the event unfold and were there to tow him out in no time. It certainly gave the gang a good laugh over lunch! And we should note we now carry an extra tow rope in our gear as this isn’t his first successful attempt at getting the ute into a tricky spot.

Tomorrow we’ll be towing over Fryers Rd from 8.15am

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