Castlemaine Cleanup

A bit more cleanup at Castlemaine was undertaken yesterday.

Our efforts were focussed on the northern end of the yard, lifting the old double compound in what was 4 siding and cleaning up all the loose rails.

We’ve nearly stacked all the material that was in the foreground to over onto where 2rd used to be.


Today was a bit of an odd jobs day, firstly we prepared the sleeper plates for the Muckleford UP end 1/2 Rd turnout (the same as we did last week for the down end).

That job will be tackled over the next few weeks.

We also prepared trucks for the workday at Castlemaine tomorrow (9.00 am start at the big red shed if your interested) and did some tamping of dipped joints in the Muckleford – Castlemaine section.

Workday at Castlemaine Sat 28th

We’ll be holding a workday at Castlemaine this Saturday (28th) to move rail, continue cleaning up the site and start work on 5 SIDING!

9.00am start at the carriage shed at Castlemaine, no need to confirm you’re attending, but feel free to ring Will on 0438 037 346 if you have any questions or queries. 

What to bring: steel capped work boots, food, drink, appropriate work clothing and sun protection. 

Back at Daylesford

We’ve been back over helping our friends at Daylesford.

This time just a bit of turnout tamping and ballast spreading, to finish off the old Ballarat Line.

We’re back there tomorrow to help again, at which point hopefully all the works associated with the new bridge will be completed.