On what we’d planned on being a day of installing additional anchors, the rain had other ideas. We did manage to get the curve nearest Maldon completed, this is a job well plug away at on and off for some time until we reach Muckleford.

Once the rain got the better of us, we headed to Castlemaine, were we refitted some now inflated tyres to the excavator.

Before drying out in the loco shed spreading some ballast along A road.

This whole siding still needs a considerable lift and tamp, we’ll save that for another raining day, however it’s now nicely rocked up and ready to go.

Given we’ve got a few volunteers away for Friday, it’ll be used as a lineside drain clearing day, given the forcasted rain over the next week. This is largely just digger work, so no formal planned workday.

Odd Jobs

Another successful day today knocking over the odd array of jobs on the fault list.

We’ve now completed all gauge faults on the running line, with just a few minor issues in Castlemaine Yard, but the remaining faults will be removed when we resleeper.

Thursday, we’ll be meeting at Maldon from 8am, the exact task is still to be decided, depending somewhat upon the weather.

More Fault Fixing

In a continuation from Tuesday’s works, it was onwards towards Muckleford remedying any faults.

They were generally simple enough fixes, many were replacing failed spring washers on bolts that had come loose for no other good reason.

Lots of gauge correction was undertaken, none of this was staggeringly bad, but it’s easier to correct before it’s a real problem!

By day’s end we got very proficient, getting all the way down to Muckleford Creek Bridge.

Tomorrow’s gang will continue on with these works, however well meet at Muckleford station from 8.15am, as most of the remaining faults are in that region.

Fixing up small faults

Following the track inspection last week, we found quite a few small faults, mainly of the tight gauge variety, that needed rectification.

Why track gauge tightens rather than widens, as the sleepers begin to deteriorate is open to many theories, however this is typically our experience, especially on the straight track.

It’s easily remedied by cross boring (unspiking one rail, drilling new holes to correct gauge and then respiking), however it is only a short term fix as it’s an overall sign the sleepers are nearing the end of their life.

Today’s sizable gang certainly got stuck in and made excellent progress in knocking over a few of the faults, unfortunately there is still many more and that will be the focus of our upcoming workdays, Thursday and Friday we’ll be meeting at Maldon from 8am.