Maldon Yard

Today saw us knock off a few small jobs around Maldon Yard.

The first being the replacement of 2 turnout timbers, a nice easy job to set the pace.

We then replaced 20 failed timber sleepers in 1 road, although forgot to get a photo!

A considerable amount of time was spend correcting geometry faults at the UP end of 1 road, simply due to settlement. The curve onto the turnout had just started to cant the wrong way and the whole thing had settled an inch or so, a symptom of the ground being well and truly sodden given the rainfall so far this season, its been around 5 years since this bit of track was built so it’s not unexpected for it to settle in that time.

By day’s end we’d tidied up all the mess and given the ballast a scrape, leaving it looking quite cared for.

Thursday is likely to be more work near Maldon, provided the weather holds out! Whatever the weather does, we’ll be meeting at Maldon at 8am on Thursday.

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