Concrete Sleepers

Well… it was an extremely successful day, in all regards, except that we forgot to take a single picture!

Today’s task was to install and clip up concrete sleepers.

Before the driver experience train Monday, both diggers put in a few hours, running sleepers out and inserting 27 under the track.

Today’s crew clipped up those 27, plus an additional 71 sleepers, with a further 7 still needing clipping up on Thursday.

This means we’ve replaced almost all failed sleepers between Muckleford and Curve 10 (the curve at the top of the grade), leaving about another 100 or so to still replace to get to Sawmill Rd, which if all goes well, may be achieved on Thursday and Friday. There was obviously a slight doubling up in the failed sleepers count, as the final number will be just over 200, rather than the anticipated 400, which is nice, it also means our limited supply of low profile concrete sleepers can be stretched a little further.

Thursday’s gang will meet at Maldon at 7.45am or out near Curve 10 from 8.15am.

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