Spiking and Sleepers

We set off this morning with 2 spiking hammers and well before morning tea the final spike had been driven.

Once that was done and we’d celebrated with a cuppa, it was onto the next task, replacing the failed sleepers. We’ve replaced 41 sleepers so far, with concretes and dropped out another 60 concrete’s ready for Tuesday, where hopefully we’ll get close to 120 failed sleepers replaced.

In slightly different news, we’ve been lucky enough to have been allocated some surplus signalling equipment from Seymour. This was collected and brought over to the railway this week, where its now stored pending use. This equipment will go towards several signalling projects we have coming up, the details of which will no doubt be covered in great detail here as work progresses.

Tuesday’s gang will meet at Maldon from 8am or out near Farmers Bridge from 8.30am.

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