All the plates are under!

Well, after what feels like an eternity of waiting for gaps in the rain, we made good headway today, with the last of the sleepers plates inserted and the last of the dril completed, in the recently rerailed section.

Thankfully we had to stack the plates first thing this morning, much to everyones delight and then scrapping the mud off helped get everyone well and truly in the mood.

However before long they’d been distributed and inserted under the track, with the tamper running hot on the heels of the inserters.

The drilling and spike standing team moved along at a great pace getting everything ready for spiking up tomorrow.

And while all that was happening more jewellery collection occurred, leaving only about 1km of jewellery to pick up now.

As the jewellery collection finished before the drilling, we even replaced 3 failed timber sleepers with some concretes we had stored nearby (we would have done more, however we only had 3 at hand).

Tomorrow, we’ll meet out on site (where the diggers are parked about 1km east of Muckleford) from 8.15am, where we’ll drive all the spikes, pick up jewellery and possibly even start inserting more concrete sleepers.

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