Thursday Workday

Sorry about the small break in communication over the past week, however everything is set to go for tomorrow. We’ll be meeting at Maldon at 7.45am then at Muckleford from 8.15am, to stack the last of the sleepers onto pallets and then all being well, get them out and under the track.

Last Friday ended up being a very successful day, with an enormous number of spikes driven, almost 2kms worth.

We brought out the old spiking hammer and trolley as the new one had developed an issue, however, that ended up being a very simple fix and so we set both to work, knocking it over in record time.

Once we’d stood the last of the spikes, it was really over to the 2 teams on the spiking hammers, so the rest of us grabbed the little digger with bucket and began collecting the jewellery. So far we’ve picked up everything from Sawmill Road almost all the way to curve 11, around 2.5kms, which was a lot of bending over!

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