We’ve had a fairly busy few days lately. We have been fortunate enough to access a large collection of track maintenance equipment from a retiring rail contractor.

This is quite a big investment for the VGR, one we’ve managed to finance using some extremely generous loans, allowing us to secure the items now and pay it back over a few years, however, as always any donations to help pay back the loans sooner would be greatly appreciated and help take the burden off the VGRs cashflow. Contact Will if you’d like to know more.

The items arrived as a great convoy on Monday, with a great mountain of things on various trucks.

Among the items are a Telehander, HiRail Tipper, 2 trolleys (to tow behind the Excavators), and an enormous array of hand and power tools as well as a small container to help store it all in.

We’ve already used the telehandler extensively in setting up our tool storage area in the depot at Maldon, the tipper still needs a roadworthy to complete the transfer, however is currently (and recently) rail certified, meaning once we get a bit of paperwork out of the way we’ll be able to make great use of this item.

The tools came as an excellent package deal and although we may not have a use for every last spanner or crowbar, the slight inconvenience of storing them while we work out what we will actually use, id far exceeded by the incredible items we’ve now got available to help us in our tasks.

We’ll no doubt be showing them off here as time goes by!

Tomorrow’s weather is looking interesting, however it should be okay late morning, so we’ll still plan on working, the plan is to drive dog spikes (using our new fancy spike driver!), meeting Maldon 7.45am or out at Gas Pipeline area from 8.30am – if it’s raining heavily we’ve got plenty of sorting in the containers at Maldon to do still.

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