Odd Jobs

Although today’s weather was predicted to be wet, it was actually a nice day. Even without a gang, a bit was achieved.

The signalling boys gave us one of their old cabinets, that wasn’t fit for reuse, to store some stuff in. After a few incarnations, we’ve settled upon it being a services box.

We’ve fitted it up with air and water. Despite the power box affixed to its side, we haven’t run power over, as we really don’t have much need for power here.

We can now wash the ice off the windscreens on a cold morning (hopefully being in the cabinet will stop the water supply from freezing too). The air supply is to pump up the truck tyres, which inevitably need doing on a regular basis. Hopefully this will make life just that bit easier. We might even fit an external tap so you can give you hands a quick rinse.

Installing all that used up most of the morning. Once the area has dried up a bit, some nice gravel spread down will finish it off.

The afternoon was dedicated to a full track and bridges inspection following the heavy rain yesterday. No issues at all were noted, with all the track drains working very well. Even the bridges, despite having fair flows of water, aren’t impacted by debris. The most impressive flow was at Winters Flat, but Muckleford Creek had a fair flow also.

Tuesday gang will meet at Maldon from 8am, were we’ve got a range of activities to do around the Yard there.

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