Only a little bit more rerailing today, just 2 more lengths, one in each leg to complement one more installed on Tuesday. The main purpose was to get the rail junctions to more suitable locations to allow us to leave them in the track for a few weeks now while we go back and fasten up the timber.

We’re getting quite efficient at installing closure rails now, with all this only taking a few hours.

Then it was right back down to the start of the straight, dropping out and installing sleeper plates. We’ve completed the installation of about half of one leg on the straight, roughly 450m.

We had both diggers in use, one for the plate insertion and one hot on its heels tamping up.

Then it was onto drilling and screwing. We’ve decided to use screws instead of dogs, for a few reasons, they’re already lying on the ground from when we unfastened the 60lb and they can be driven with battery tools and that’s much easier than all the spiking gear. And we’re hoping it’ll be quicker and less labour intensive. We’ve only done a few lengths so far but we think it is a little easier and quicker than spiking (certainly a lot quieter!).

We’ve still got a lot of plates to drop out, holes to drill and screws to drive, however, hopefully by the end of next week, it’s all done along here.

The beauty of working in the country is the company! For afternoon tea we were joined by this mob!

Tomorrow’s crew will continue with the drilling and screwing, meeting on site (near Farmers Bridge) from around 8.15am.

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