More rerailing

Another very successful day of rerailing, with a further 5 lengths installed.

To avoid the issue of joints falling directly over concrete sleepers, a few rails needed cropping and drilling.

The slowest part of the job is almost always unfastening the old rail, an unfortunately fiddly task that often requires cutting of a screw or spike near a joint.

The ability of the concrete sleepers to maintain gauge adequately to operate the digger over safely before the clipping up gang has been through, saves a lot of time, but does give a weird illusion when the old rail is partly out and the new still to be lifted in.

The clipping up, not the most glorious or exciting job, but a rather easy and rewarding one compared with drilling and spiking.

The gang even discovered a little leverage boosting trick to move a stubborn rail over those few extra mm’s that is sometimes needed to get the biscuit in. The trick is to place a biscuit between the Web and the pansetter tool, it prevents the sleeper being lifted, but usually if that’s an issue getting biscuits in isn’t.

After this week’s big effort, only one 94lb rail is needed to complete the tangent. This should comfortably be achieved on Tuesday. Meeting Maldon 8am or on site from 8.30am.

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