In a slight change of plans, Will’s currently out of action with a touch of the Covid, but the gang managed very successfully without him, achieving the installation of 6 x 55m 94lb rails or 330m. (One of the rails may have only been a 42m rail, but either way it’s still a good effort)

Although things were a little slower, the gang is now well practised in the art of re-railing, so the progress was still impressive.

In this section the concrete sleeper count is well over 1 in 3, so regardless of the timber sleepers not being fastened up straight away, the gauge holding is excellent.

The last 2 rails still need clipping up tomorrow and the gang size tomorrow will determine how many more lengths will be installed.

The 6 rails mark half way along the straight. Its unlikely that’ll be completed tomorrow, but it’s very likely that’ll be completed on Tuesday next week.

Tomorrow’s gang will meet at Maldon from 7.45am or on site from 8.15am.

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