As predicted, a good sized gang was on hand today and we comfortably installed the last 5 lengths of 94lb rail in the UP leg of the straight. Another 275m of rail.

Between us we all managed to forget to take photos of the actual work, but plenty of the finished product.

Today’s progress is a good indication that we should be able to install all 12 lengths required to complete the Down leg on Thursday and Friday this week. On Thursday we’ll meet at Maldon at 7.45am or on site – Farmers Bridge – from 8.15am, there’s little to no need to meet at Maldon unless you’d like a lift to site.

One thought on “Re-railing

  1. Looking good team. I’d be interested in knowing what the line rides like with heavier rail and longer lengths compared to the old 60lb.
    Surely it has to be better, but having not ridden on it, I’m making assumptions.
    Can anyone advise??


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