Today saw excellent progress made with 385m of 94lb rail installed.

The day started off extremely picturesquely, only just above freezing temperature but still very pleasant.

Before long we’d flicked out the 60lb that had been unfastened yesterday and dropped in the 94lb.

Given it was looking like we were in for a very early finish, we decided we could successful achieve another 3 x 55m lengths of 94lb (making a total of 7 lengths over the two days), which given our relatively small crews on both days is an excellent effort.

There’s only 5 more lengths of 94lb to install in the UP leg and we’ll be at the curve, then we’ll jump over to the Down leg and head for the curve again.

If numbers are good on Tuesday, there’s no reason we won’t complete the 5 lengths in the UP leg. Meeting Maldon 8am or out on site from 8.30am.

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