With a good number of other projects now out of the way, we’re head long back into rerailing.

Given the very systematic nature of the task, we spent the morning preparing as much as we could up to the straight, with our aim being to get this completed over the coming weeks. We began by removing fishplates and lubricating the joints.

We then set about correcting a slight rail joint location anomaly, where all the joints were going to fall on top of a concrete sleeper, a sort length of the existing rail was removed and to keep the digger able to pass over, the holes were drilled first to save time.

We’ve distributed clips and equipment as required along the job to reduce the instances of double handling etc.

After lunch we were ready to begin unfastening the 60lb and getting the 94lb in.

As yet we’ve only bolted up the first 55m length of 94lb and slewed it into position, ready for tomorrow’s crew to clip up while the next lengths are installed.

And just because we could, we decided to back the truck into an old pile of fencing wire so we could spend several moments thoroughly enthralled in a detangling effort! No damage done however.

Tomorrow’s crew will be meeting on site near Farmers Bridge from 8.15am. Where hopefully we’ll get a good few lengths of rail installed.

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