Ballarat Tramways

Occasionally we still do a little external contracting, if it fits in with the works program.

The past two days we’ve had the little digger and Will over at Ballarat Tramways doing some fiddly jobs, mainly in relation to get the last two bays of the old shed into a condition where a slab could be poured to replace the gravel floor.

It was a fairly fiddly job, pulling up the last of the old track and digging out all the gravel, 1 bucket at a time, to the correct depth. The little digger turned out to be the perfect size for the job.

Once everything was cleaned out, the new rail was manoeuvred in and the joining up work began.

While there, the digger was used to do an enormous amount of site clean up following the huge works that have been happening around the depot – check out the Tramways website and Facebook for the full run down.

The digger’s going to hang on there for a few more days to be available to load material onto trucks and the like, while they prepare the new track enough to stable this tram back in the shed.

Back on the VGR, unfortunately no pictures from today’s works, but we’ll be into rerailing again from Thursday, meeting Maldon 8am or near Farmers Bridge from 8.30am.

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