As promised, further progress has been made, despite the wet afternoon.

We’ve re-railed the low leg over Pyrenees Hwy, which given all the harness and anchoring gear used to do it safely, was much slower than regular re-railing, however we still managed it in good time.

Here John and Will are looking very pleased as they survey the morning’s work. We’ve got some nifty gadgets that secure onto the head of the rail, to which the harness is anchored to.

We’ve installed a single 55m rail over the bridge, removing all joints on the bridge, which will be a massive bonus in years to come, not just for the sake of the bridge but for future joint maintenance.

We’ve got another 55m rail on site to do the other leg at some stage, at the moment that’s not a seriously high priority, given it’s already 80lb, but once we’ve completed the rest of the track we’ll come back to it.

We did slightly better than just the bridge, also installing another 41m of rail.

Tomorrow should see us complete to the end of the curve. Meeting around Brown Street Pedestrian xing around 8.15am. (Or Maldon at 7.45am)

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