More re-railing

Another extremely successful day today, with an additional 398m of 80lb rail installed, comfortably.

We did a fair effort first up to in regards to unfastening, however before too long that proved too conservative, as we had reached our end goal before lunch time. So we set to and had one crew unfastening ahead, one changing over and bolting up the rails and one behind clipping up, interestingly we were all keeping pace with each other!

It’s amazing just what a difference it has made to the appearance of the track. A lot of the dips and wiggles have disappeared and after a quick run through with the tamper, it’ll be like new track.

The 398m achieved today saw the UP leg re-railed from the down end of curve 5 (the curve on the Maldon side of Winters Flat Bridge) all the way to Pyrenees Hwy Bridge, where we’ve even cut a temporary Junction back to the 60lb to help us out in getting diggers and trolleys across tomorrow.

You would think all that was enough for one day, but no, we also fastened up 18 timber sleepers at the end of Winters Flat Bridge, straightened two severe cripples in the rail (we’ve discovered that using the Buda it’s really easy to do once in the track while it’s only clipped up 1 in 3) and planned the rest of the week’s work.

We’ll be out in force again tomorrow, as there won’t be any trains, due to the covid situation. So we should make even more excellent progress. Meeting around Pyrenees Hwy Bridge at 8am (ish).

2 thoughts on “More re-railing

  1. Inspiring stuff as usual Will. When I first looked at the photo I thought it was dual gauge track 5’3 and some of Brunel’s gauge!


  2. Thank you Wil and co for the blog and great progress on the track.To see this progress is good for my soul.
    Also enjoy enjoy the humor in the blog. Keep up the good work.


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