More sleepers

Well this week has been a slow and steady wins the race type of week.

It’s only Wednesday and we’ve managed to insert 154 sleepers, taking us all the way to Bendigo Road.

Not only have we inserted, we’ve also completely spiked up 164 sleepers, today alone (there was 10 left over from last week). Not bad for a small gang of 3! (that’s a total of 656 holes drilled and spikes driven… Spread over the best part of 1km of track)

All that’s left here is to tamp, collect the old jewellery and regulate the ballast and then only Bendigo Road to Maldon to go!

We’ve been able to get clarification regarding our volunteer workers being classed as employees for all intents and purposes. This means we’re not bound (currently) by the gathering restrictions, this may change, so please contact if you’re planning on attending a workday, just so we can communicate any changes and urgent updates.

We have gone to great lengths to get our social distancing far beyond any recommendations currently being provided, so at this stage we can still offer a workplace with extremely low risk, which is essential for our volunteers and the community as a whole.

Tomorrow will be a usual Thursday workday, with the short bit of straight been Bendigo Road and Curve 21 set in our sights, after a tiny bit of tidy up over today’s job. Friday is looking wet (maybe) but we will be using it as a sleeper loading day ready for distribution next week.

Please feel free to join us from Maldon at 8am, but do contact Will on to be briefed on the current arrangements.

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