More Sleepers

Over this week we’ve managed to insert a further 116 sleepers into curve 20 and tangent 20 – 21. An excellent effort considering the situation.

It’s been a bit different to the usual style, as we’ve taken the social distancing very seriously, our gangs are more a lot of one man bands working through their individual jobs.

Unfortunately as we were all so absorbed in making sure we maintained safe distances while getting the job done, we forgot to grab any pictures!

We will be out again tomorrow, pulling spikes ready for the next round of insertions along tangent 20-21 (once we can get more sleepers on site).

We’ll be meeting at Maldon from 8am or on site from around 8.15am.

One thought on “More Sleepers

  1. One person maintaining social distancing can go and obtain the photos for the masses waiting anxiously for the fabulous results the team spaced out has managed to obtain.

    We await the photos.



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