Even more sleepers

Today’s gang of 4 managed to gauge and finish spiking 43 sleepers from yesterday as well as install a rather impressive 44 additional sleepers.

Yesterday’s rough count proved to be extremely rough, with the true number actually 84 inserted rather than the 60 odd reported. An excellent effort for our reduced workforce.

All of this week’s sleepers have been tamped but the boxing up and ballast regulation will have to wait until Monday.

We’ve now only got about 1.5 miles left to go to get to Maldon, sounds easy when you say it fast!

It’s a timely reminder that even with smaller efforts we can still achieve great things. With that in mind, the railway if likely to experience some very hard times during the current virus crisis.

We can only appeal to everyone’s continued support to help ensure we can survive a potentially long period of little income. Please contact us if you feel you may be able to offer some support during this grim time.

On a positive note, Civil Saturday’s are back, starting again tomorrow Morning from 8.30am at Castlemaine, where various track preparations for the upcoming works and point rodding adjustments will be the main focus.

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