More Sleepers

Another excellent day’s work, with around 65 sleepers inserted and the majority of those fully spiked up.

We were short on hands today, and will be for some time now that our assistants from the local prison are in lockdown amid the current health concerns.

However we took a very systematic approach to the work based on gang size and in this case, slow and steady has really won the race. The unspiking team worked through the job with digger behind removing the sleepers.

We then moved back to the start of the job, working together to install the new sleepers, sleeper plates, drilling one end and stand the spikes.

It was a very good system which proved very efficient, it’s not very different to usual but we did find it better to work as a group, prevented a lot of walking back for stray tools.

We all discussed the current corona virus issues, measured out our seating arrangenents to maintain at least 1.5m between us. The gang has unanimously decided it is willing to continue in it’s current style as we all feel it is a low risk environment.

Tomorrow will be more of the same, with hopefully another 30ish sleepers installed. Meeting Maldon 8am or curve 20 from 8.15am.

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