Friday ended up being a very successful day, with an additional 42 sleepers inserted as well as giving all 90 installed Thurs/Fri a tamp up.

These grabs have sped the process up greatly and the manual labour is reduced to really just drilling and driving the spike hammer.

The 70 marked on the sleeper is exactly number replaced in curve 19. Often we find extras along the way to do, but this time it was bang on!

We even found some time Friday to start the boxing up.

But given the amount to be done, it was better to tackle the job for a few hours this morning without the gang hanging around looking for jobs.

The track looks really quite snazzy with a bit of a scrape up. There was little to no shoulder of ballast along here, so we’re now making use of what little rock is out there.

The little ledges created during these scrapes will also help hold future ballast, which we’ll start dropping out as soon as this re-sleepering cycle gets through to Maldon.

A lot of work was also put into the drainage through this cutting, it was somewhere between blocked and non-existent! But it should flow very freely now. With the drain now lower than sleeper level we shouldn’t experience issues with mud holes (not that we did here really).

Just a quick word about carona-virus and the gangs, at this stage we still be running the usual gangs for those that wish to attend.

However we do understand completely that you may wish to isolate during this time and encourage anyone wishing to do so.

Depending on future annoucments re-corona-virus this may change, so please check back here before each planned workday.

Tomorrow’s workday (Tuesday 17th) will not be running, due to other commitments, however we’ll be back Thursday as per usual with more sleepers to go in.

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