More Sleepers

Really just more of the same this week, but we’re getting very systemic at it now… That is until we broke the digger again.

Track-side Assist was called in to replace the one tiny ruptured hydraulic hose hidden within the depths of the rotating head, minor fault but totally crippling. We lost a few hours to this unfortunately, but that’s just how it goes sometimes.

We were able to keep pulling spikes to help fill in the time however.

We’re working in curve 17, with the replacements generally few and far between, meaning we quickly cover a lot of ground, which was obvious when it came time to walk all the way back to smoko.

We were back on line by late morning, racing through the sleeper replacements thereafter.

We managed to insert 50 replacement timbers today, which all considered is excellent. They’re all drilled with spikes started on one side.

If we are able to get some extra hands tomorrow, there’s no reason we couldn’t race through the rest of this curve.

Meeting at Maldon 8am or site from 8.15am.

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