Turning the first sod


Well today was a very big day for the VGR with the official “Turning of the first sod” for the Service Re-orientation Project. Unfortunately we didn’t have available a golden or silver shovel, by the trusty old Cyclone off the truck did the job perfectly!

(For more details of the project please see – http://www.vgr.com.au/Service%20Reorientation%20Project.pdf )

It was officiated very enthusiastically by Hon. Jaclyn Symes Minister for Regional Development and our own local MP Maree Edwards. It is with much thanks to these two, their departments and the excellent crew at Regional Development Victoria that our exciting project is up and running.

The project is actually made up of two smaller projects, the details are in the link above but essentially it is broken up into Castlemaine Redevelopment and Track Upgrade. Both critical things to our long term aims, objectives and most importantly a sustainable future.


There was quite the crowd there for the ceremony and we even treated the party to a trip to Maldon to show them just what their support has enabled for our track gang – the feeling we got back was that it has been money well spent!


Not ones to miss an opportunity, we even showed off our rather stunning looking civil train, we’ve very proud of it. Freshly loaded with concrete sleepers looking very important and progressive.


But we weren’t content with just showing off our wagons and sleepers, we also proceeded to drop them out along tangent 8-9 ready for insertion in the following weeks. Today’s drop out of 208 sleepers, along with the 226 dropped out on this straight a few weeks ago takes us to about half way along this very long straight. – It’ll keep us busy for a while getting all these in.

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