Two cranes!

A very exciting bit of action today with two Franna’s on site to move the old guards van body.

Actually it was a bit of a non event, it was all over in about 30mins, nicely levelled and at home about 300m north of here.

The cloud of dust is the van about to be touched down in its new home. It certainly opened up the area and shows just how large our new engine shed will be!

As promised a few more shots of the much cleaner yard.

It really looks very impressive tidied up.

As part of these works we lose our current access roadway, so we spent some time removing the old sleepers from 5 siding ready to make way for our new roadway.

It’s all starting to happen and it’ll be very exciting once the building works start.

The next two weeks (starting Tuesday) will be more work for Steamrail down at Newport. Some of our recently removed timber sleepers will be heading down too to help complete the works. Seen here at Muckleford ready for transport.

If you’re Melbourne based and looking to spend some time on our gang, the next two weeks would be not only a great opportunity but it would be greatly appreciated! Please contact if you’re interested.

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