Castlemaine Yard

Today was a massive clean up day in Castlemaine Yard, in readiness for the upcoming works.

We began by cleaning up the sleepers stacked (dumped) beside the carriage shed.

These were all nicely bundled and strapped by the crew for stacking up the far end of the yard.

We also had plenty of action around us while crew training was going on with the visiting S & B class.

We even relocated the water tank that was laying near the shunters cabin, to well out of the way for the upcoming works.

The afternoon was spent breaking up jointed rails and stacking them aside as well as many other clean up jobs.

A place was cleared ready to accept the guards van body that’s in the way of the new engine shed. We’ll no doubt use it as a crew hut during the works so it won’t be too far away from the action.

We even bundled up our spare point rodding and stacked it sensibly aside so it doesn’t get in the way.

More pictures to follow tomorrow but the whole area is looking amazing as our helpers from the prison set about mowing all the grass in the area. Tomorrow will see some action as the van body gets moved and we get the last of the rails etc… out of the way for the earthworks.

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