Newport Part 2

We’ve been back at Newport again this week, more turnout timbers and lots of sleepers.

We had a bit of a nice surprise today with not one but two steam locos being lit up!

We’re even holding out hopes we might be big movie stars! You can just make out a camera man at left and behind the gang were many more!

Not entirely sure why so many film crews thought our civil gang was news quality but we’re pretty chuffed! (we think maybe they were there to film the engines along with some sort of press release – we’ll have to watch the news to find out)

Re-sleepering inside the loco servicing area was interesting, you can see how much material had to be moved to remove the old sleepers and install the new.

The afternoon was spent dodging trains and cleaning up the old sleeper material, kept the gang very busy!

We’re back for one last day tomorrow, to tidy up loose ends and install the last few sleepers, if you’re around and looking for some excitement please join us!!

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