Rail Prep, Sleepers and more!

A busy one today.

Preparing and loading 80lb rails for tangent 14-15 used up most of the morning.

Rolf, deep in the zone, drilling bolt holes.

Malcolm in action docking old welds from the rail ends.

The team is well practised in preparing rails, having prepared over 10 linear km of rail in this manner so far.

The afternoon was quite varied, replacing a few sleepers around Muckleford yard, cross boreing / re-gaugeing a section of the curve on the UP side of Muckleford and installing some tie rods in two curves towards Castlemaine that are being to show signs of loose fastenings.

These works are just part of the maintenance required to keep our railway operating safely.

Well be out preparing for tangent 14 – 15 tomorrow, with the weather forecast for the same as today, it’ll be another perfect day in paradise.

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