Re-railing Preparations

The low leg of Curve 13 (just on the Castlemaine side of Muckleford) will be our next re-railing victim.

Today saw us drop out sleeper plates, dog spikes, fishplates and bolts ready for a big effort this Thursday.

Unfortunately this short curve is the only section between Muckleford and Castlemaine not to have received the 1 in 3 concrete sleeper treatment, so we’ll be re-railing this the old school way, just like we did Maldon to Muckleford.

We’re using 94lb, which we’ll eventually install on the high leg too. As we’re basically within Yard limits for most of the curve, we’re using a bit of a mix of the short lengths of 94lb remaining on hand, still longer than we’re used to at around 27.5m each.

The 27.5m lengths have been bolted up into 55m lengths to speed up Thursday and we’ve prepared the 60lb to 80lb to 94lb junctions to save time also, with temporary joints installed so it’s a case of unbolt and go on Thursday Morning.

As Friday is a public holiday, we’re aiming to knock all this over on Thursday. So any extra hands would be very welcome. Meeting at Maldon 7.45am or Muckleford from 8am

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