Well today’s exciting job involved sorting through a big pile of dirt. All by hand, to sort out any valued treasures that may have been hidden.

A good number of treasures were found, including pandrol clips, adaptors, dog spikes, lock spikes and of course hundreds of sleeper plates.

Everything has been placed into a dedicated drum ready to be redeployed to where it’s next required.

It’s slow going, but today’s gang have made excellent headway now, with around 1/3 of the pile dealt with, leaving only a small mountain to go! We’ll now try to use up the sorted stuff at the base to save double handling it, so it might be a while before we’re back.

Earlier in the week we ran a civil train for the purposes of filling ballast wagons and dropping out some more 94lb rail, ready for our next re-railing job, just around the corner from Muckleford Yard.

Tomorrow we’ll be in at Castlemaine (meeting there from 8.15am), completing the new workshop track in the shed, with the afternoon likely to see us head out to Muckleford to make a start on some re-railing preparations.

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