A quick tamp this morning to remove a few drips and wiggles from yesterday’s work has finished the job nicely. We do still need to tidy up the ballast still, but that is really more for aesthetics than anything.

The rest of the day was spent preparing the last of the 80lb rail.

We’ve prepared around 40 rails out of the 55 needed to finish tangent 20-21 (which will complete Maldon to Muckleford). Those 40 were the absolute last of the 14m lengths of 80lb rail from Bandiana.

We’ve identify enough shorter rails (ranging from 11.5m to about 12.5m) in the stocks to see the job out, after which we’ll only have stocks of 9m and shorter, which is really no better than the 60lb it’ll be replacing.

All being well we hope to get some of these in next week, but that does depend on lots of stars aligning.

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