It’s been a busy couple of days. With yesterday seeing the loading of wagons with sleepers, rail and jewellery. Even making use of the old QN ballast wagons as sleeper movers.

While today was the big drop out. First off Concrete sleepers to tangents 12-13 and 11-12, 128 were dropped out in total today.

The last few to come off the train.

All nicely stacked to make running them out along the track with the digger a very simple task.

Then all the way to tangent 20-21 for dropping off a wagon load of palletised sleeper plates. This stack should hopefully see this straight out.

Then onto the rail drop out, with 28 80lb rails dropped out for the UP leg. (the extra wagons were dropped off just over the next hill during this exercise)

Finally some of the jewellery was dropped out. Enough fish and sleeper plates to install these 28 rails were dropped out, along with a few bolts. Another full day of preparation here and this will be ready for re-railing.

From tomorrow until Friday the digger and gangs will be in at Castlemaine, starting preliminary works for the big redevelopment works.

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