Curve 11

After today’s effort on top of Tuesday’s works, we now have 92 concrete sleepers installed in curve 11. We’re yet to do the final tamp and ballast scrape.

The day started out very cool, gloomy and had a wintery feel, which seemed to only get more gloomy and cold as the day went on.

We started by lifting the section that had the screws removed on Tuesday, using our special shover feeler gauge. A big improvement over the blocks, we’ve decided.

With the scarifier cleaning trenches and the digger catching it with the insertions.

The digger working it’s magic. This job would be almost impossible without this machine.

By morning tea we’d inserted around 30 concretes, with the remaining going in soon after lunch.

Although it was a fairly cold day, it was perfect for trackwork. As the movement to drop out all the required jewellery keeps you nicely warm.

Following the clipping up, now a very well oiled routine, the ballast was spread ready for tamping tomorrow morning.

Another stunning effort by the gang.

We’ll be leaving Maldon at 8am tomorrow, to tamp this section, however the weather is not looking promising so we may end up calling it a day once that’s done.

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