More exciting bolt tightening!

Well just because we didn’t think we’d done enough of it lately, we did some more bolt tightening!

Incase I’ve not shown them before, these are the bolts, infact this pic shows all the different styles of 60lb bolts that can be found on the railway, so many different spanners and sockets are required.

This spanner is actually a rail turning bar, cleverly designed to fit the square nuts, not their main function but they certainly do an excellent job, often easier to use than the purpose built spanners!

Today even saw a new volunteer on the gang, Andrew. We’re hoping to see him again on the track, a very useful man with a spanner.

Clive hard at work tightening bolts while Rolf manages the back breaking job of trolley leaning. By the afternoon we’d gone up over the top of the hill and down the other side, this section is all 80lb which means all the nuts are the same, making the job much easier. We even decided very quickly that using spanners was easier than battling with the noisy rattle guns.

A sly shot of Clive taking a quick rest after doing a mountain of tightening right at the end of the day’s work, while Malcolm poses showing us just how much he enjoys his time on the gang.

Today’s pics are all compliments of Bruce. The gang set a new record for bolt tightening today, managing over 2km of tightening. Help from the prison workforce is always a great aide but the backbone of our operation is always our volunteers, who week after week do an amazing effort on even the most mundane of jobs. A big thankyou to all of them.

We’ll be out again tomorrow playing with bolts, this time near Donkey Farm Track. If can spare some time, please feel free to help out our civil gang, any help is always greatly appreciated.

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