Into the Loco Shed

On Friday we connected the track from the turntable to A Bay in the Loco Shed – almost ready for locos.

John and John finishing off screwing down points

Our first job was to finish off the pointy end of the turnout – we ran out of the right screws yesterday!

Trevor and John cutting and drilling rails to bridge the gap.

Fitting a ‘closure’ rail between two sections of track takes a lot of care and we had four to do.

Mick hard at work with a paint brush, lubricating the ends of rails before joining them.
John, Trevor, John and Rolf drilling, bolting and clipping rails before screwing them to the timbers.
Here comes the excavator to move some rails.
The track is joined up but not finished, but good enough for the Excavator to run over.

And to prove its good enough –

In the door it comes.

Another successful day but with quite a bit to do before we finish it.

Next Week – Thursday and Friday – Re-railing towards Farmers Bridge. Meet at Muckleford at 8.00am each day. Please ring John on 0427 352 416 to confirm you are coming.

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