Today was largely another rerailing preparation day, with almost all the fishplates along the down leg dropped out, greased and bolts dropped out, and rails moved up ready for insertion.

It’s now all set for a big effort to knock over a large chuck of this straight next week, weather permitting!

Although we focused more heavily on the prep today, we did still make a start on the Down leg, with 100m worth of 80lb rail installed and joined back into the old 60lb.

We’ve started square with the other leg and then installed a 20m rail to give an even 1/2 rail stagger to the joints. This was almost impossible to achieve in the other section, given the range of rail lengths. However, we’ve got very uniform lengths of 80lb, so it’s much more manageable here.

Given that we’ve got a public holiday on Tuesday next week, we’ll be having the day off. However, things should be normal on Thursday and Friday if the weather forecast improves. We’ll put an update up here on Wednesday to confirm the details.

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