Another very successful day today, with the UP leg from Sawmill Rd to Boundary Trk now rerailed with 80lb.

It all began very smartly this morning with the remainder of the screws removed, clips knocked off and well before morning tea, rail being swapped over.

Today’s start location, just prior to swapping rail.

By morning tea we’d installed and clipped up around 3 lengths.

However by lunch, we’d completed all 7 lengths, including the cutting in of the closure and all clipping up.

After lunch, we set about preparing the other leg, with all the dog spikes removed the full length. It turns out it’s a very long way! Approximately 1km in length.

This year, since acquiring a second spike puller in the bundle of equipment last year, we’ve got two pullers in action. We’re actually finding this puller to be much more effective, particularly on some of the older dog spikes, as it has a different style of head. However, the use of the two speeds things up to no end.

In summary today saw us install 7 lengths, a total of 280m. So in the past few weeks we’ve managed to install 960m of rail, which is a pretty good effort!

Tomorrow’s crew will be making a start on the other leg, beginning back near Sawmill Rd, meeting there from 8.15am

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