Today saw us insert a staggering 520m of 80lb rail, a total of 13 x 40m lengths.

Unfortunately, we did manage to get quite soaked in this morning’s rain, even having to sit out about an hour until things settled down.

However just after morning tea, the skies dried up and we got to work.

We’ve certainly got nicely back into the swing of rerailing, all day the clipping up crew were hot on the heels of the digger swapping over the rail.

We didn’t need to cut any rails today, we just had to move two sleepers very slightly, to work with the joints.

By day’s end, we were well over 2/3rds of the way towards Boundary Track along this leg. Only around 8 lengths to go. However, as we’ve greatly over-achieved today, we haven’t got our delivery of track bolts yet, so we’ll have to hold off getting any more rail in until they arrive next week.

However, tomorrow’s crew has still got plenty to do, the closure back to 60lb still needs to go in, we can begin the exciting task of dropping out sleeper plates as well as beginning to prepare the next section for rerailing.

Meeting out by Sawmill Road from 8.30am.

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