Today was certainly a mix bag. Beginning, we installed the closure that we didn’t quite get around to yesterday.

Then we moved onto the task of marking up the failed timber sleepers (of which we have been quite ruthless, as we really don’t want to back here within the next 5 years) we’ve marked up 120 so far and that’s only to where we’ve rerailed both legs.

We’ve begun dropping out sleeper plates, however, only around a pallets worth, which got us a few hundred metres up one leg. Then, off to Muckleford to pull more plates out of the stack and onto pallets.

Now we know it’s generally the Tuesday gang that revel in this particular task, so we made sure we left enough plates unstacked for Tuesday’s crew, as we’d hate for them to miss out.

However, in the afternoon, between rain showers, we set about getting ready a short section of track that we’re going to re-re-rail (that’s not a typo).

Many years ago, the high leg of this curve was rerailed in 80lb. However, we’ve since rerailed everything else around it in 94lb, leaving just the few hundred metres of the high leg of this curve as 80lb, so to correct that, we’d always planned on swapping over to 94lb.

We’re running a little short on fishplates for the current rerailing, so by doing this swap over next week, with the longer 94lb rails, we’ll get a good number to allow us to proceed out past Boundary Track. It does feel a bit like robbing Peter to pay Paul, but it’s a job we were always going to do sometime. This just brings it forward a year or so.

We may also end up re-rerailing a few other sections towards Maldon in the coming months for the same reason, however they’ll focus very much on areas that would benefit long term from this treatment.

Tuesday’s crew will hopefully knock this over. If not, then at least make a good start. Meeting at Maldon at 8am or on site (Muckleford) from 8.30am.

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