Another extremely successful day today, with the whole of Curve 8 now rerailed and almost all of the UP leg to Rifle Range Bridge.

We didn’t quite keep up the pace of Tuesday’s crew, however that was almost solely due to being down a couple of our regulars today.

However even just travelling over in the gang truck, the ride difference is quite incredible, very smooth and comfortable!

By day’s end, which was brought on prematurely by the rain, we’re within spitting distance of Rifle Range Bridge.

We still actually need to conform exactly how many rails we installed today, however we’re fairly confident it was 14 x 40m lengths and 1 x 18m length, a total length of 575m, which is very very close to Tuesday’s effort!

Tomorrow’s crew, depending on numbers, will either install the last length towards the bridge or just cut in the closure and then move onto a few other jobs in the afternoon. We’ll be meeting at Rifle Range Bridge, entry along Martin Street Castlemaine, around 8.30am.

Time’s running out quickly for anyone who would like to experience the existing 60lb while it’s still in the mainline, we’d recommend not leaving it until the end of June, or the majority of it will be gone!

One thought on “Re-railing

  1. You Guys are doing a MARVELLOUS Job with all that Re-railing and Re-sleepering along the V.G.R. Well Done! The only “downside,” of all this Work you guys are doing is the Elimination of the Famous “Clicketty Clack,” sounds the V.G.R. is famous for! Oh Well, thats the price we pay for progress and comfort! Keep Up the Good Work everyone!


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