Well after setting a record this week for the most rerailing achieved in one day, we’ve almost set its opposite equivalent today with the least amount manageable… 36m of rail was rerailed today, with a closure cut in just prior to getting onto Rifle Range Bridge. We’ll be installing rails over the bridge that are long enough to get the joints off the bridge.

Anyway, we’re now well placed to knock a significant amount over when we return to rerailing in a couple of weeks.

This afternoon was spent doing a variety of tasks around Muckleford, including loading up a truck of our old 60lb rail for the Puffing Billy Railway, for use in various stabling sidings and in the museum there. We’ve had a bit of a general tidy up of Muckleford, burning a pile of scrap timber offcuts and trimmings we’d amassed.

We event spent an hour or so fishing more sleeper plates out of the pile! As yet not on pallets, but out of the dirt before the winter rains set in and turn it to mud.

Tuesday’s workday is still to be confirmed, as we’re potentially required at Maldon to unload a delivery, however we’ll confirm location on here Monday afternoon.

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