Well, we’ve managed to fix the issue of not being able to upload photos, however it turns out that that feature is pretty useless if you forget to take photos in the first place!

Which is unfortunate, because it is possible, without going through the records in detail, that today was actually an all-time record setter for length rerailed…. we’ll check the records to confirm that one.

600m of 80lb rail was installed today, a total of 15 lengths of 40m rail.

9 of those lengths went into the straight on the up side of Boundary Track, with the other 6 going into the high leg of Curve 8, leaving only one length to go until we’re out of the curve (obviously the whole low leg still needs to be done also).

It’s all about the preparation, and we could speed up the process even more if we didn’t need to accommodate trains!

Anyhow, given today’s progress and amount of preparation already undertaken down towards Rifle Range Bridge, there is a very high chance we’ll reach there, at least on one leg, by Friday.

Now given the rather awkward access into the area we’re currently working in, Thursday’s crew will meet up at Boundary Track at 8.15 (Maldon at 7.45am), where we’ll load our stuff onto the gang truck and back down to the site.

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