Another successful few days down at Newport, has seen the job basically completed. Only a couple of small little tidying up type things to go, before we start the convey of trucks and digger off on their way home.

Everything replaced and few other dips all received a tamp and tidy up.

It’ll take a few days and a few rains for everything to settle right back down, but it should look nice and presentable for Steamrails upcoming open weekend – which is certainly worth a visit!

Given it’s inevitable that a bit of dirt gets between the blade and stockrail, all those have been blown clean and tested to ensure everything is working as expected.

We even spent all afternoon tightening bolts, lots and lots of bolts, it’s a job that could go on for years, but we’ve tackled the worst of the worst in the areas that get the most use.

Given that we’re more or less done now, there won’t be a workday tomorrow, as we’ll use tomorrow to get things back home. Check back next week for workday details, however there won’t be anything next Tuesday.

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