Termite Treatment

Last week’s crew knocked over the bulk of the bridges, leaving only Rifle Range and Winters Flat Bridge.

Most of the piles at Rifle Range requires drilling, which was a good test for our brand new cordless drill. Which were very impressed with, certainly easy to control and much quieter than a petrol job.

Once drilled the holes are filled and capped to help preserve the piles.

Once at Winters Flat we developed a system of giving a little spray to indicate that it had been completed, as we only had to remove old plugs and renew, rather than drill new holes.

We’re almost exactly half way through Winters Flat, with another day required to knock it over. Thankfully, during all our works so far, we’ve found no evidence of termites at all, indicating the treatment is working.

There won’t be a workday tomorrow, instead we’ll be running trucks and equipment to Newport in readiness for next week. We’ll be working everyday next week at Newport Workshops, starting around 8am.

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